Aqiqa Online Service

Permissible Islamic Use of Credit Cards

Fatwa by Justice Mufti Taqi Usmani

Buying and selling through Internet is not impermissible in itself. However, all the basic conditions for a valid sale must be present. Therefore, one cannot sell what he does not own and possess. If you have purchased some shares or any commodity through the Internet ..
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When you perform your Aqiqa online, Pictures of animal being handed over to your chosen charity or being slaughtered will be forwarded to your e-mail address. QurbaniOnline is, and wishes to remain, your most trusted source for a hassle free and convenient Aqiqa .

You may place the order from anywhere in the world however, delivery will be available only in Karachi. We can even deliver the Animal to any charity organisation you suggest (Scanned Receipt will be E-mailed to you).

We send scanned copies of charity receipts, pictures of animal alive and pictures of animal slaughtered to build and reinforce your confidence in us. If you would like to suggest any extra measures to reinforce your trust you can write to us at or the quick contact form on bottom.